Domestic & Residential Gardening Services

Lawry Bros Gardening - Residential Garden Services

  • Lawn care and maintenance – mowing, ride-on-mowing, fertilising, weed control, disposal of lawn clippings, edging.
  • Tree maintenance – pruning, lifting, dead wooding up to 2m from ground level, correct arboricultural care, fertilising, aesthetics.
  • Pruning – maintenance of correct plant structure, safety and accessibility, hedging, improved floral display and plant vigour.
  • Waterwise Tips and Gardening – drought-tolerant plants & lawns, grey water irrigation system, rain water tanks, pebble mulching.
  • Mulching – mulch levels maintained to reduce weed growth and moisture loss, supply and spread of a variety of mulch.
  • Pest and Disease Control – identification of poor plant health. Pesticides use in accordance with the Victorian Pesticide Legislation.
  • Irrigation Systems – maintain operation of existing system, repairs and modifications, installation of new systems, rainwater tanks.
  • Fertilising – eco-friendly fertilisers eg Dynamic Lifter, Seasol nitrogenous fertilisers eg Agriform, Osmocote, Magamp K.
  • Plant Advice and Supply – design, plant selection, soil condition, type of irrigation, drought-tolerant lawn, synthetic grass.
  • Plant Replacement – dead or diseased plant material replaced if required.
  • Gutter Cleaning – unclog your gutters.
  • Rubbish Removal – lawn clippings, prunings, gutter debris.